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Committed to Communities

Ecojustice Ireland is a Community Interest Company, the purpose of which is to help combine the collective strengths of the trade union movement in Ireland with the environmental movement in Ireland, especially for the benefit of local communities.

We work with other progressive environmental NGO partners and others to catalyse the potential for strategic and meaningful collective action.

Ecojustice Ireland concentrates on Just Transition advocacy, campaigning, education of workers, youth and elders, and liaising with local communities on ecojustice issues.

Climate change and biodiversity loss do not stop at the Irish Border so Ecojustice Ireland takes an all-island approach to the issues of concern to local communities.

Ecojustice Ireland assists in mobilising the trade union movement and local communities in Ireland to help achieve (at a minimum) the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which include a universal call to action to protect the planet.

Ecojustice Ireland campaigns to ensure that Ireland meets its emissions targets, and it ultimately advocates for a Just Transformation of Irish society.

Ecojustice Ireland promotes the arts as a medium of positive societal change, including on ecojustice issues.

Ecojustice Ireland is an Associate Member of Queen's University Belfast's Centre For Sustainability, Equality and Climate Action, a member of the Climate Justice Coalitiona member of the Climate Justice Group of the Law Society of Northern Ireland, a member of the Equality Coalition in Northern Ireland, and a member of the Environmental Justice Network Ireland.

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