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Achieving Ecojustice Goals and Futureproofing Irish Society

Rights of Nature

Our Founder and CEO, Declan Owens, is an expert with the UN's Harmony with Nature Agency on Rights of Nature law and policy.
He advocates for th
e Rights of Nature in Ireland, including making  submissions with EJNI to the Irish Citizens Assembly on Biodiversity Loss, and with Dr Peter Doran to the Seanad Public Consultation Committee on the Constitutional future of the Island of Ireland.


Climate Justice Coalition

Ecojustice Ireland is the Irish international affiliate on the Council of the Climate Justice Coalition, a global coalition of environmental groups, trade unions, international development organisations and individuals who work to build solidarity and power around climate justice and the need for global solidarity.

Ecojustice and the Arts

Ecojustice Ireland has a strong belief in the value of the arts as a means to convey ecojustice in a manner which emotionally and intellectually resonates for people.
Our director, Dónal Kea
rney, is a singer with the Irish folk band, Trú, which draws inspiration from the mythological trio of poet-musicians in ancient Ulster.
We provide workshops exploring the value of the arts in Nature and society to enhance the understanding of ecojustice issues. 
Our 'Ecojustice and Ecopoetry' workshop is a firm favourite with attendees. 


Futureproof Clare

Ecojustice Ireland advises Futureproof Clare on strategic campaigning. Futureproofing is building resilience, including working on local energy, food security, sustainable communities and economies.

In Clare, as elsewhere in Ireland, this involves challenging the threats to our collective resilience.
Interestingly, according to legend, the Trú were revered throughout Ireland, some believing their songs and stories came to them from the future.

Environmental peacebuilding

Our Founder and CEO, Declan Owens, is a solicitor and mediator.
We use environmental peacebuilding techniques as a form of conflict resolution. 
Ecojustice Ireland is part of The Environmental Peacebuilding Association's Community of Practice
We also work with our friends, Climate Craic, to highlight the joyous and beautiful aspects of climate action by bringing together and celebrating climate activists and artists from various backgrounds and disciplines, creating climate optimism through community engagement.
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